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Artist Profile

I am a UK based artist, situated in the countryside near Malvern.

I have been painting, on and off, for about 20 years, having left school and gone to art colleges.

I paint from short, imagined narratives- exploring places, sounds, human interactions and feelings, something I have read or heard, animals, fruit and vegetables ... This leads me to form some kind of visual scenario in my head and I try to paint from this. It’s usually a place I am attempting to create, i.e., certain landscape or setting with an event/ narrative happening in it. This created place isn’t a straightforward interpretation of the world around me, but instead becomes a new fictional, otherworldly realm.

I am also a musician and like to paint with a sense of rhythm and energy drawn from the content, which is expressed through brush strokes, colour and overall balance of the painting.

I have exhibited my paintings in curated group exhibitions and national open exhibitions.

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